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Welcome to my site!


Hi! I've been waitin' for ya. Welcome to my new web page. Have a seat and let's chat....wanna see my resume? Sure, pretty impressive, but I can always use a new credit from something you might be doin'. I'm an actor who does theatre, film, and TV, and love what I do. Some people think I'm pretty good at it, so who am I to argue? So check out my resume, my pix and my videos and lemme know what you think, Okay? Thanks for stoppin' by and drop in again...I'll try and keep this interesting 'cause otherwise you might not come back and I get awfully lonely without you.


Oh, and I've been on and off Broadway and the big and little screens since the glorious 60s. Done hundreds of commercials including Total Cereal for 9 years ('Like to try Total? Hope your hungreeeey!') and lots of others as well. (No, I do not have a cereal running now, darn it.) I am teaching both Improvisation and a scene study class at AFTRA's Stanley Greene Room. I can sing and I can move and what else can I tell you? Oh yeah....I'm fun to work with. Mostly.


Check out my bio for more about me.








Mitch was cast as a healthy senior in a new TV commercial for Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital. Keep an eye out for him as well in magazines for the same campaign.


Mitch put together a softball team at the request of the Larry David television show, Curb Your Enthusiasm. While none of them had lines when it was shot it in Central Park, his AFTRA team won the game on the show and Mr. D gave Mitch’s TV team what-for….as part of the story-line. Mitch says it was the first time he was ever paid to play softball, so now he considers himself a pro ball player! The best part too was that while he and his team were shooting their scenes, his real AFTRA softball team was playing on the next diamond so they all could watch his real team play. Unfortunately the real team lost….but the TV team won!


Mitch is directing again this year at the famous Actors Studio as part of both their Playwright Directors Unit and PD Workshop. The purpose of the group is to aid playwrights in getting their works ready for production. Mitch has worked with playwrights John Jiler, Fred Pezzulli, and Dan McCormick thus far. At the Studio he has directed Trish Hawkins, Katherine Wallach, Maggie Low, Myla Pitt, James Lurie, Nelson Avidon, William Tost and Gail Greene, among many other talented actors. Now Mitch is looking forward to the next months of directing intense rehearsals and performances.



On-camera and Voiceovers in NY: Paradigm

West Coast Voiceovers: VOX Agency in LA


Their addresses and phone numbers are on my Contact page.

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